Write simple articles that address the immediate challenge and don’t make it technical! Focus on what people search for on YouTube and Google and make the title as simple as, “I have a green patio”, “My patio is green and slippery”, or “How to clean my slippery patio”.

In the blog article have the following content:

-Explain the long-term benefits of cleaning

-Your process (but don’t give away all your secrets)

-Sometimes an easy way for them to do it because very often they will call you because your professional equipment is
Faster. This is a good way to filter DIY and land higher paying clients.

-Include a relevant YouTube video if you have one

-At the end put your website and contact information. Get a call and quote and you have a new customer!

This system will keep working for you and as you keep putting out content there will be more ways for people to find you on Google. This means you will spend less time cold calling and spend less on ads in the long run.

Watch the video to learn more…