Advertising works best when we can deliver relevant ads to the customer and that is always my goal as an advertiser.

Even I don’t like being sold to if it’s not relevant! That’s why some of the new ad formats and upcoming changes are exciting. Learn more below:

Google Gallery Ads

A new ad format is coming out for Google Ads is the Carousel ad like you see on Facebook. That is when you see the multiple pictures and it will appear at the top of search. This ad will create a highly relevant search ad.

LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn advertising is really pushing to grow and is now offering Video Ads. The video ads are similar to Facebook and because it’s on LinkedIn you get the specific targeting of people based on their roles and positions.

Here is what a Video would look like on your mobile feed:

LinkedIn Video Ads

Here is more information on LinkedIn Video Ads: More Information On LinkedIn Video Ads

There are more changes coming every day to these platforms and the changes to LinkedIn and Google are big this year with a massive Shift. If you haven’t looked into LinkedIn advertising, it is a strong platform for high ticket B2B items.

If you would like to learn more or set up a strategy session to see how this can benefit you – Get in touch with me and I would love to chat! You can contact me here: