Search Engine Optimization or SEO as you have heard it called is…”Your reputation on Google”. It’s an important piece of your marketing.

You already have a reputation offline. You go to local chamber events. You get more work as you complete more jobs due to referrals.

SEO works the same way!

We do the same online for you and turn the internet into a referral machine when we work with you.


How do we do this?

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1. Make people more aware of you

Your website, Google My Business primarily, and social media

2. Get people talking about you

Show you how to use social media to get people talking about to increase recommendations on Facebook plus get more Google reviews.

Staff planning an amazing digital marketing campaign

3. Make people see you as an authority in your field they can trust

Written and video content on your website, Google My Business, and social media. Showing people what you do, how you do it, who you are.

People like to know what they are buying from you, why they should buy from you, and can they trust you.

…That is Search Engine Optimization and what you really need to know.

4. What other options are there besides SEO?

Want alternatives to SEO? Paid search such as Google Ads and Facebook ads are the best way to get immediate work.

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