Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search engine optimization) AYD Internet Marketing

Why I you need all these sources? Isn’t my website all that matters?

SEO is about people finding the content they need to solve a problem when they need it. Having a blog article with the correct title focused on a very focused and niche product at the right time will have a much higher conversion rate instead of a broad article. The more specific the problem you solve the better your results!  

The goal is to optimize your social media, website, video content with as narrow a focus as possible in your niche best results. Your website may not be what shows up it could be a tweet or blog article that drives them to your website.

Email marketing will do the same thing when you share educational and informative material. It will increase exposure and build trust so people spend more time engaging in your social media content on your website.

What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

Why is this important? Visual content cannot be analyzed by search engines and they still rely on the text descriptions in your pictures, video and on your website pages to determine what your content is about.

We work closely with you to ensure all the content on your site has all the information necessary embedded into it. By doing this we show Google and Bing search engines how everything is related.

This is done by releasing content on a regular basis which is how you would actually update your site. Why is this important? It increases credibility with the search engines!

Being highly ranked in Google search means more traffic

  • The top 5 search results on Googles first page means you are getting up to 67% of all the internet traffic searching for your product
  • Positions 6 to 10 get only 3.73%
  • YouTube  videos will commonly outrank your social media, website, and blog articles in the beginning. That makes them a potentially faster way to start improving your Google search ranking

What is an effective SEO strategy? What does it include?

An effective SEO strategy will include:

1) Targeted social media content scheduling

2) Regular blogging

3) An email newsletter to drive traffic to your website and keep your customers up to date

4) An optimized website

5) YouTube and social media video