Three essentials to a more successful team

Building a team is one of the most important activities required to scale your business. Whether you are hiring, outsourcing, or a using a combination of the two, a team needs to know the following to scale more rapidly:

What is expected of them in their specific role

People will feel more fulfilled and motivated when they know exactly what is expected of them in their role. Whenever possible have service operating procedures as well as clearly defined objectives for each task with measurable objectives. Measurable objectives enable team members to manage their time better, this will result in better time management and less stress which means happier employees.

How they are playing a part in the bigger picture

Having people who specialize in certain skill sets is a necessity. Knowing how their skill set is moving the company forward and contributing to the bigger picture from a bird’s eye view will encourage them to perform at a higher level.

Values and goals that align with theirs

Understanding the unique goals of each person will help you create a role that fits their lifestyle. The business still needs to operate so there will be natural limitations, so you will need to find the balance that works with your company. If the person feels they fit into your culture they will stay. At the end of the day, not everyone is meant to work with you.

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