Video Marketing

Video marketing is part of an effective content marketing strategy. It does not mean cheesy sales videos anymore either, it actually means educational videos and content that shows people the emotion of who you are.

Effective video types you can create are:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Business owners/employees sharing why they are passionate about the business and helping their customers
  • Talking into the camera (very effective if you are confident on camera!)
  • Business tours and product demonstration
  • Events and educational videos
  • Green screen videos

Integrating video into your marketing easier than you think!

First just send us your videos! If you need help making better videos we have instructional videos or one-on-one consulting if you prefer.

Your videos can be used in your social media, on YouTube, and your website. We will edit your movies for your YouTube channel, website, and social media and optimize them so they can be found more easily in social media and Google searches.

We show you how to make your own video footage you can make more videos on your own time. This means saving on video production consulting fees and production costs! Contact us today to get started!

Video editing

Video editing starts at $150 for a 1-2 minute video and includes three revisions

We can add animations, text, perform color correction, lighting correction, and add/optimize sound.

If you have green screen footage we can use our advanced editing software to bring it to life. You can be wherever you want and your customers will never know it was a green screen!

Video marketing works!

Video will increase people’s intent to buy by 97% 


It is becoming the most consumed medium on the internet with longer audience retention


It has 33% higher engagement rate from customers



 Small business video service

Pricing starts at $997 for a 1-3 minute video

Service includes:

Video Editing: We add music, third quarters, put your logo and contact information, and more! Up to three rounds of revisions are included with the editing

Filming: One hour of on-site recording at your location or pre-determined locations with all equipment provided. 

Consulting & Scripting: We will help you create a video script that will make a lasting impression on your customers.