They will create compelling videos that will increase your revenue!

In today’s world, we all have video cameras at our disposal and you may be tempted to use them to create a video for your business. While you can do that, a professional will create compelling videos that will increase your revenue!

Here are 3 other reasons why you need a videographer:

1. Change of scenery with different lighting between the scenes

When the scenes change the camera’s auto correcting light balance is not always 100% accurate and a professional video editor can fix that in post editing. This will make you look your best up front of your audience.

2. You need to be further away from the camera and need better quality sound

If the video is not in a quiet and controlled environment such as your office then a professional is required. They have wireless microphones that will create high quality audio. This can be done wirelessly or synced at a later date using advanced editing software. Either way, good audio allows people to hear your message. Poor audio detracts from your message, if they have to guess what you’ve said they don’t hear the next part of your message.

3. To create a more compelling story to increase the urgency and effectiveness of your Call-to-action

Professionals will use higher end editing software that gives them greater control over their video editing and the final story. They can mix sound, fix color tone issues, and rearrange the clips for maximum effect with greater precision.

A basic video editor such as iMovie is good for removing “ums” and adding music and text but beyond that they do not have the ability to do what Adobe Premiere Pro CC can do for your final video.

Professionals are also trained to create a quality story that accurately defines your message and sells your business story, beyond that they are also skilled at making sure you look and sound confident which is important when it comes to promoting your business.

If you need help with your video editing and want to create a more compelling video that will get more customers, we work with businesses to improve that. If you choose to make your own video, make sure to have good lighting, a quiet environment, and look into the lens as if you are talking to the person watching.

Whatever choice you make video is a powerful way to grow your business and brand. Using a combination of making your own plus some professional is a sure way to get more people asking for your help!

If you require professional AYD Internet Marketing is here to help. Visit our website for more information.

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